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I was born 1964 in Accra, Ghana. Because of political unrest in the country, I was emigrated with my family to Adliswil, Switzerland, where I passed my future childhood.

Soon my visual and graphic talent had been noticed. I drew continuously. When I was ten years old I received my first brush, easel, oilpaints and palette. Mostly I painted portraits. And during my schooldays I was modellising sculptures of tone. In my younger days I worked on charcoal and pen-and-ink drawing. As an adolescence I drew watercolors with a multiple layers technique. After a break to take care of my family I started drawing again and wanted to educate myself. After two painting classes I had to admit that they didn't meet my expectations. That changed when I had the chance to learn from a scientific drawer. In his class I learned diverse new technique as perspective-constructive drawing, coloured pencil-technique, watercolour-technique and art work.


In 2006 the department Environment, Nature and Landscape of the canton Aargau madate me to make some bird drawings for multiple indication boards.


Fascinated from the paintings of the renaissance and baroque era I began to learn this historical technique on the base of scriptures of these epoch.


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